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Client's Quotes for Parenting Course Group

  • Better self care
  • More motivated
  • More realistic expectations
  • Not beating myself up so much
  • Being more appropriate - age

Client Review of Counselling Service

"My son has really valued his time with Colleen. He has felt listened to and has appreciated how intently Colleen has listened and understood him.


"Whilst I don't think his anxiety will ever completely disappear, he has learnt techniques with Colleen he can use and that work!"


"As a family we have been able to help him use these techniques but also feel like we have a better understanding of where he is coming from when he feels nervous or anxious. He has particulary liked his key ring and uses it often."


Client Review of Counselling Service

"Colleen has helped with a lot of problems, has taught me to cope when I want to self harm and when I am not feeling myself. Colleen has showed me that things can change if I believe in myself".  (13 year old)

Parent Review of Counselling Support

How are things going? Are there any changes at home in behaviour or attitude?


"My daughter is so much brighter and calmer. She has gained confidence and once again wearing make-up! She is more talkative at home, less incidents of locking herself away. Her school grades have improved since Christmas".

Do you think the Counselling sessions are being helpful? If so why?


"Yes the sessions are working. She is able to say 'I'm upset, please leave me alone'. Her confidence levels are slowly increasing. When we started on this journey she was waking most nights and asking me to sleep with her, this has dramatically decreased in the last few weeks, to only once a week. Along with this she has gained confidence to spend time with friends outside school, before inviting friends over or asking them to do something was tramatic as she was scared they would say no".

Do you have any other comments?


"Just thank you! The sessions have had such a positive impact on my daughter, she is less anxious, slowly gaining in confidence and just knowing that she is able to talk to someone about what is troubling her is such a relief".

Have some good points in your child emerged?


"She is more relaxed and it is lovely to hear her laugh more frequently. She is more chatty and I have had much more hugs in the last 6 months".

What Head Teacher's say


  • "Colleen has been a tremendous support to not only families but also staff in our school. Her expert advice to both parents and members of staff, from Teachers to TAs, has made many journeys smoother than they could have been without her fantastic support. Thanks Colleen".


  • "Colleen has provided high quality support to both pupils and their families at our Academy. The servive that she provides to our school community is invaluable as she uses her local knowledge and considerable experience in her role to provide both direct support as either a Family Support Worker or Counsellor and indirect support through effective signposting to other agencies".


  • "We have been consistently impressed with the support offered to us by Colleen Smith. Colleen is both knowledgeable and insightful. She’s worked with families and children and has had a positive impact on their wellbeing, which has in turn, supported the children’s participation in and enjoyment of school. Colleen is professional and courteous and we very much enjoy having her as part of our team across Eastrop Infant and Southfield Junior Schools".


  • "Colleen has provided family support for 5 years and we have been extremely happy with the service she provides to our families. Originally she was employed by Swindon Borough Council, as a Parent Support Advisor for the West Swindon Cluster, and we accessed her services via this route. She set up her own company in April 2012 and since then we have bought in her services for one day each week. She is efficient and professional in the services she provides to our school community and we have found her invaluable. She works with between 4 and 6 families at any one time and the feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive. She is reliable and hard working, and has the skills and knowledge to deal with very difficult cases. She relates extremely well to both staff and parents and is a pleasure to work with. I do not hesitate to recommend her to you without reservation".


  • "We are delighted with the impact that Colleen’s work has had for our families so far. We feel that the service she is offering to schools represents good value for money and is flexible”.


  • "Colleen has provided parenting support advice to the school since September 2014. She has been a great support to school and myself in my role as SENCO. Her advice has been invaluable. Colleen has supported a number of families in the school. She has provided support with finance, housing and benefits. The impact from her advice and support to these families has been instrumental in improving their lives".

Client Review's of Family Support Service

What Parent's Say


  • “Fantastic support with lots of ideas on coping with children’s behaviour and phobias”.
  • "Colleen has helped me realise I need to ask for help. Don’t know what I would of done without Colleen’s help, especially with regards to helping us get rehoused after our previous landlord gave us notice. We would be happy to recommend Colleen to anyone in the same situation ”.


  • "I would like to thank you so much for all your kindness and for the work that you have done for myself and son, we will both remember you with fondness. I wish you all the happiness in the future and will think of you helping struggling children and families in the future, not many people could or would want to do what you do. Thank you again”.


  • "My daughters behaviour has improved greatly. She is very compliant and very happy. There is no stress anymore about getting her to school and she has had no illness either or doctors visits. I feel in control of my whole family now, we have routine and mutual respect and talk things through calmly. We cannot thank Colleen enough”.


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